Written by Kosoma Kim

Officially launched in August, GoSoccer made their way into a digital market and claimed to be the first mobile app for booking football pitches in Cambodia. Today I am sitting down with the co-founders, Lim Sengkhun and Lee Socret Quuliqaa to find out the inspiring stories behind this startup.

Founded by 4 university students, GoSoccer won the first place of the young innovator program – SmartStart 2017 where the co-founder turned his class assignment into a real business. How did they do that? Check out the interview below to find out more about them!


Q1: What is GoSoccer? What makes GoSoccer unique?

Sengkhun: GoSoccer is an online football field booking platform which allows Cambodian football players to book a venue in just a few clicks in both Khmer and English. GoSoccer is available to download in App Store and Google Play.


Socret: We are the first and reliable in providing an online sports venue booking solutions in Cambodia. The price and detail information about the football venues are accurate; which mean customers get the same price whether they book through our app or with a field owner.


Quick, Simple and Accessible with GoSoccer –  www.gosoccer.app


Q2: What inspired you to start GoSoccer? What problems are you trying to solve?

Sengkhun: A few years ago I have joined a startup pitching event where there was a team winning the competition for their solution in providing a platform to football players to find opponent teams. After years I don’t see it comes to life; so I thought to give a try by building a prototype (GoSoccer app now) as part of my school assignment until early 2017 when I joined SmartStart, found a team and turned it into a proper startup.


Socret: Talking about the problems, we learnt that in order to book a football field; usually a customer has to do by a phone call. This traditional way of booing gives risks for both customer and owner; because the field might be overbooked for some reasons or customer might not show up. There is nothing in between to guarantee their bookings. This is the main problem we want to solve; GoSoccer aims to create trusts for both partners. By doing this, we also help field owners to promote their venue on our existing platform.  

GoSoccer on Sabay TV after winning the grand prize in SmartStart Final Pitching Day

Q3: What are the challenges in starting GoSoccer in Cambodia?

Socret: Being the first doesn’t mean always easy. Some field owners view us in negative. There are people before us used the pitches information without their permissions; they even put their price higher than the original price. However, there are new field owners seeing us as an opportunity for them to promote their businesses.


Sengkhun: To deal with this challenge, we learnt that we have the strategy to talk with them. And since we already have an app on the market; it makes it easier to negotiate with them. We learnt that the field owners care most about price; they want the price on the internet to be the same to their original price.


Sengkhun (in the middle) and a team of GoSoccer

Q4: What do you believe is the future of GoSoccer?

Sengkhun: GoSoccer will make it even easier to book and manage sports venues in Cambodia. We aim to work closely with field owners to help them managing and expanding their business through the online platforms. From booking, field and finance management and payment, they will be able to manage all of them on their smartphones.


Socret: GoSoccer also aims to be a community of sports lovers in Cambodia; not just only booking sports venues that is possible with GoSoccer; customer will be able to connect, make friends and find like-minded people to play sport together.

Q5: What are your advice to young people interesting in becoming a digital entrepreneur?

Sengkhun: If you are currently a student and interested in becoming an entrepreneur, go out to find the problem that you want to solve! Don’t only focus on what you study at university, join the events, apply to competition, talk to people, learn from real experiences and dare to ask if you have any questions!


Socret: Team defines as an important factor in the success of a startup. If you are a student-entrepreneur, remember that running a startup is not like doing a team assignment at school. You have to be real in doing it from inside out. And first of all, know your responsibility and perform it with your best!

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