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Passion, energy and nerves filled the room last night as we began our semi-final pitch to our biggest audience yet! We were thrilled to welcome over 140 people at Impact Hub PP’s space for the Toyota Impact Challenge, where 6 aspiring startup teams pitched to a panel of judges for 6 months incubation.


Judges, left to right: Sovann Kong, Bunhay Ly, Kounila Keo, Nithya Menon


The three teams that showed the most commitment, progress and strength were selected for 6 months of incubation, personalised mentoring, free workspace, and a chance to win $10,000 cash funding for their startup.

So who were the six ambitious teams that we heard from? Let’s take a closer look:



  1. iPromise

Being the first in Cambodia, iPromise’s app allows drivers to track their driving quality and speed in order to encourage better safety on the roads. If the driver is then in an accident, the app notifies the emergency services and their chosen relatives. This information can also be used by insurance companies and means safe drivers can be rewarded with car/life insurance discounts.




2. TosJis

A public transport app, TosJis provides real-time updates on buses and route creation to help a user best use public transport to get from A to B. Their ambition is to put GPS trackers on all the buses to provide users with accurate arrival and departure times. They also plan to partner with tuktuk companies who can pick the user up to complete their journey. And why? To increase public transport use, taking cars and motos off the road to alleviate urban congestion and reduce pollution.


3. JisDer

Ever frustrate you that there’s so much traffic in Phnom Penh, but everyone seems to drive big cars on their own? JisDer hopes to disrupt that with their app that encourages car and moto pooling, so users can share a journey and help decongest Phnom Penh.




4. Rushero

Avoid the traffic and deliver your items quickly and safely with Rushero, an on-demand delivery service, delivering items in under 60 minutes anywhere in Phnom Penh. Better yet, track your item in real time, so you can check it arrived at its destination safely and on time. They’re already in operation, so go check out their website now!


5. ABike

Rent a bike and get around for as little as $1 an hour with ABike’s bike rental service, aimed at tourists and expats looking for a healthier way to move about the city. Their future is to target Cambodians too, alongside awareness campaigns to encourage cycling, and cheap and easy financial options to fit anyone’s needs.




6. SmartBin

Get rewarded for recycling! This innovative bin gives you points for recycling your plastic bottles and cans, and you can then use the points for discounts, credit, and more. This ambitious team have already developed a prototype, powered by solar energy, and already have some very big partners lined up for their prototype testing period soon.IMG_8335

What an amazing lineup- we’re so proud of how far they’ve come in just two months!

And, drumroll please, the finalists are…








“We are so excited that Rushero got selected for the 6 months incubation program. It’s been an amazing experience to learn and improve our business model and to be more sustainable with a positive impact for the future of transporting goods. With the strong support of Impact Hub Phnom Penh & Toyota, we believe that we can make much more progress in the next 6 months.” – Sarath Uch, Founder of Rushero.


We were blown away by all the teams who pitched last night, but the judges decided that these teams made the most progress and showed great potential for growth in the next six months- and we couldn’t be happier for them.

So…what’s next?

We’ll be working hard to provide the teams with personalised dedicated business mentors, bi-weekly masterclasses, communication and network support, and free innovation space for them to grow their ideas and team. The three non-finalists will also get the chance to opt into our Hub Entrepreneurs Club, where they can receive ongoing support.

Stay tuned, we’ll provide more updates soon! #toyotaimpactchallenge

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