Located on the 10th floor of B-Ray Tower, Wedushare’s brand new office stands on the very edge of the sky, ready to assist those in need on a journey to a higher education.

Being a platform, which aims to break the barriers between opportunity providers and opportunity hunters, Wedushare has acquired more than 1 million visitors on their website since 2016. Wedushare owes their success largely to the belief in the power of sharing, motivating, and empowering Cambodian youth to sharpen themselves for their dreams. Here are some spices behind the success from founders of Wedushare:

DEFINE IT: starting up a business is as sophisticated and dangerous as rowing a boat in the middle of the ocean. Without recognizing one’s true passion and goals, one is not able to lead the boat forward to the destined island. Entrepreneurs must define their final destination and that decision, no matter the obstacles, must not waver.

FACE IT: do not be afraid of problems. “No problem, no growth”. To be successful, one must accept all the challenges as opportunities, and fight back all the possible risks with new strategies along the consensus of the team. Criticisms can attack at any time. However, do bear in mind that people only give a piece of their mind because they care. Maximize advantage of the feedbacks and make them your future shields.

DO IT: “Take risks”. Make it happen. Pilot your ideas. It is difficult to be exposed to the things you are not familiar with. However, “never be afraid to ask”. Get out there, be humble, ask questions, teach yourself. Before implementing your new schemes, do question yourself if you are committed to it in long-term scale. Do it successfully, or don’t do it at all.

Written by Vitak Cheav

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