Why should I join Impact Hub Phnom Penh?

To become a member of an awesome community of powerful change-makers of course!
Located centrally, our space is a pleasure to work from and flexible for all your working needs.
But we believe that the value of Impact Hub is not just the rental of desk space, but the entry into an inspirational and supportive community with incredible networking opportunities to help you develop your business.
With weekly events – from workshops, business clinics and networking nights – you will have the opportunity to meet new business partners, gain industry insights, develop your skill sets and also have fun and be inspired by the incredible community driving positive change in Phnom Penh and Cambodia


What is the Impact Hub Network? How do I benefit from it?

Impact Hub Phnom Penh is a member of the Impact Hub global network. There are over 60 Impact Hubs worldwide. In Asia, there are Hubs in Singapore, KL, Taiwan, Tokyo, Yangon, Manila and Jakarta.
Impact Hub is not a franchise. The brand and intellectual property rights are owned by the “Impact Hub Association”, which is a collective of all the Impact Hubs. We are a standalone social enterprise. We share resources with the network and most importantly the networking opportunities for our members.
By being a member of Impact Hub Phnom Penh, you are a member of all Impact Hubs around the world and can access them when visiting other cities- you can work from any other Impact Hub in the world for 3 days for free. Note that each Impact Hub is unique so please contact the local Host for details prior to your trip.


What are the main activities at Impact Hub Phnom Penh?

We focus on 4 main activities – co-working (where members can work, meet and collaborate); incubation (where we mentor and support entrepreneurs to develop their social/environmental ventures and provide small scale funding to allow them to pilot their businesses); consultancies (providing various types of advice, primarily to social enterprises and NGOs) and trainings (both in-house and outside).


Who are the members at Impact Hub Phnom Penh?

PP Hubbers have a wide variety of nationalities, backgrounds and motivations. Even though our focus is socially conscious business/impact entrepreneurship, our members range from freelancers, start-ups, NGOs, established businesses and students. We do not require our members to be social enterprises – but they have one thing in common… PP Hubbers do epic stuff!


I need to hold private meetings, is it possible?

Yes! We have a large and bright meeting room which can booked for private meetings. Depending on your membership option this is without charge or at a discounted rate. We usually ask you to book a few days in advance to ensure the rooms are free.


I need help developing my social venture idea, and I need money to make it happen – can you help?

It’s what we love to do! Keep a close eye on our programs page for openings in programs that offer financial support or funding, or check out this page for grants and opportunities we’ve found around the world which might suit you.

We also have a diverse portfolio of mentors providing support to our entrepreneurs to help them develop their businesses and find potential investors.


What trainings do you offer?

We provide a variety of trainings for NGOs or corporations on a variety of topics from social entrepreneurship, innovation, business models, finance, team-building, leadership, communication and much more. These can be in English or Khmer and held at the Hub or at organizations. To ensure the best experience, we tailor all our trainings to the specific needs of the participants.


We are looking to grow our business, find a new investor and undertake a feasibility study – help!

No problem! Our Impact Consultants have the experience, local knowledge and network to provide you with the advice you need to navigate the complexities and achieve positive results. As a member you’ll have access to two hours with our in-house consultant each month who can help you develop your business plan and grow your business.


I don't have a business idea yet but I love the idea of starting a social venture- what can I do?

Whether you have an idea but aren’t sure where to start, or you’re still formulating one in your head, we often have events and programs tailored for you! Keep an eye on the events tab for ways to get inspired, learn new skills or meet new people who could be your next business partner! We also have many programs tailored to aspiring entrepreneurs so check out our programs tab to see if any are the right fit for you.